Mobile Loyalty

New customers come in every day. Then what? Keep them coming back with Cardagin.

Cardagin is your mobile loyalty and customer retention program.

Toss your paper punch-cards and coupons, and go mobile.


Customer Retention

Customers earn points for rewards with every purchase. Everyone loves free stuff!

Turn infrequent visitors into reliable regulars.


Smarter Marketing

Your customers want to hear the latest from you.

Update your offers and announcements in real-time.

Reach your best customers with targeted messaging.


Increase Profits

Cardagin lets you identify what is working for your business.

Don't waste time or money on worthless, expensive promotions.

We give you the tools to turn good customers into great customers. Grow your business with Cardagin.


Know Your Customers

Every purchase is recorded with Cardagin.

Track your customers and what they're buying.

Identify your best customers and what keeps them coming back.

Get Started
Own or manage a business? Let us help make your loyalty program great.